List of Benefeciaries - I

The initiative launched by ICA to raise welfare funds to help needy retired cricketers and widows was very successfully received. It was very heartening to see large number of men and women members/well wishers contributing generously to the fund. The ICA is thankful to all and especially to some of the iconic retired Indian International cricketers. They were instrumental not only in contributing to the cause but also supporting and initiating it as well. The ICA Welfare fund has collected as of 15th May 2020 a sum of approximately Rs 57 lacs.

The ICA had received totally 52 applications (men & women)for financial assistance from retired first class cricketers and widows.The 5 members of the Board of Directors of ICA approved financial assistance to 36 needy retired cricketers/widows.

The Applications were thoroughly scrutinized and discussed extensively and approvals were done, keeping in mind the financial and health conditions of the applicant. Apart from this age and their present income was also considered while approving each one of them. Accordingly, financial assistance has been approved up to a maximum of Rs100,000/ and a minimum of Rs 60,000/- per person.The amounts will be credited to their accounts during the course of the coming week.

This is a one time payment to needy retired cricketers and the process of collecting funds/ considering applications for financial assistance will be an ongoing process.

This welfare initiatives is just the start of ICA's innings to care and assist former cricketers and their family. ICA is thankful for the support it received and do look forward to assist and support cricketers who have all been the backbone in the progress of Indian cricket for years to come.

Ashok Malhotra

Category A (Rs1,00,000)


  1. Maher Saleem.{W/O Sultan Saleem}(hyd)
  2. Tilak Raj (Pun)
  3. KANU Chakraborty(Bihar-Jhk)
  4. Ranjana Pal.{W/O Ram Babu Pal}(Upca)
  5. Itty Cherian(ker)
  6. Najam Hussen(Tnca/ksca)
  7. Rajesh Madan(Har)
  8. pawan kumar (Tripura)
  9. Summet Shom (Bihar/Ben)
  10. Kamal Juneja(Ddca)
  11. Rajinder Sharma(Jkca)


  1. Rishija Muddgal (Ddca)
  2. Kiran Aneja (DDCA)
  3. Jhanvi Desai (Ksca)
  4. Bharti Akolkar (Mah.CA)
  5. Chandarani Kamle(Mah.CA)
  6. Usharani Bogde (Mah.CA)
  7. Krishna Dey (Ben)
  8. Ranjita Rane (Mum)
  9. Nilima Patil (MUM)

Category B (Rs80,000)


  1. Mr Peter Fernandez.
  2. Mr Mukesh Dewan.
  3. Mr P Ramesh
  4. Mr D Govindaraj
  5. Ms Meeta Zibbu w/o S K Zibbu
  6. Mr Kaushal Dewara


  1. Ms.Tanuja Samantha.
  2. Ms.Harpreet Kaur

Category C (Rs60,000)


  1. Mr B Mahendra Kumar.
  2. Mr V Balaji Rao.


  1. Ms Shabana Adil
  2. Ms Nazeera Begum
  3. Ms Sandhya Karmarkar
  4. Ms Rina Das
  5. Ms Shika Chatterje
  6. Ms Kashmira Jain




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