13th September 2021

As many as 189 women members have been covered under a top-up insurance scheme launched by the Indian Cricketers’ Association. This is ICA’s first step towards covering those members – male and female – who are not eligible for BCCI’s Medical Reimbursement scheme.

The BCCI has a medical reimbursement scheme for all cricketers who have played 10 and more First Class matches up to a maximum of ₹10 lakh in one’s lifetime. But the ICA membership criteria for membership for women cricketers is 5 First class matches. In order to help these women cricketers who have played less than 10 First Class matches, that is those members who have played between 5 and 9 FC matches, this scheme has been introduced with the ICA bearing the premium.
The ICA is also working towards extending the same benefit to other members, male and female, who for some reason are not eligible for the BCCI reimbursement scheme.
The insured members can contact Mrs.Jayashree Desikan (Mobile No: 95351 58982), email: jayashree@alegion.net for any assistance with claims, additional information, etc.
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