Updated on – 24th December 2020

We give below the welfare schemes introduced ,over a period of time, by BCCI for retired First Class and International of India and the same is in force as on date.This is for the information of all members.


– Monthly Gratis scheme was first introduced in 2004 as a platinum pension scheme and it was Rs 10,000 per month restricted to all the retired test cricketers and test umpires who played before December 1975.
– In 2006 this was modified with all retired test cricketers who retired before 2004 divided into two groups (a) those who played less than 25 tests and (b) those who played more than 25 tests
– The monthly gratis was extended to the widows of deceased test cricketers and umpires for their life time.
– The gratis scheme was also introduced for first-class cricketers (a) those who played 25 to 49 (b) those who played 50 to 74 and (c) those who played 75 and above.
– The gratis scheme was also granted to all those who played ODI and also to umpires who officiated in ODI before the end of the season 2003-04.
– Subsequently, the scheme was implemented for women cricketers who represented (a) 5 to 9 tests and (b) 10 and more tests till the end of the 2003-04 season.


– Until recently BCCI reimbursed all First Class and International Cricketers of India up to a sum of Rs 5,00,000/- during their lifetime towards medical expenses. With effect from December 24, 2020, that sum has been increased to Rs 10,00,000/-. All those who have played more than 10 First Class matches and International Cricketers are eligible to claim reimbursement under this scheme.
– All claims will have to be made to BCCI through the respective state association enclosing the relative bills.

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